阿部 拓也 Takuya Abe
Born in 1977 In age of 14, he had started learning classic piano and 2 years later,
he turned a drummer. He learned drums from Mr.Hiroshi Okano and Mr.Tappy Iwase.
He has performed in various styles according to his original sense.
As an improvisational musician and sound engineer, he has supported many bands
on the stages and thier recordings.
In 2006, he joined Japan Tour of Mr. Robart Mirabal, who awarded Grammy in 2006 and 2008.
He successes ‘Ryujin Tour’ with Mr. Ryuji Enokida in Qingdao and Beijing (China) as well as
‘MANIFUNE Tour’ in Kenya in 2007.
As the percussionist, he has had an active role on the ‘Blitz Brass’. In 2009,
he joins ‘Exceed Brass’ as well.
He is the active instructor of the department of Drum at Saitama Music Academy.
He has also coached many school bands and had lead one of them to rank 4th
at 2008 Percussion Junior Ensemble Competition and Silver award
at 2009 All Japan Brass Band Competition.
Member of‘Manifune',‘Ryujin',‘ZINO’etc.