榎田 竜路 Ryuji Enokida
In his early 20's, he was forced to suspend his musical activities due to a serious injury
which had been sustained in an automobile accident.
However,through the process of overcoming this injury,he had found the intrinsic
inseparability between music and the body,then awakened to a new perspective towards life.
He has seeking his own music since this experience.
Today, his works which are based on improvisational music, have collaborated with artists
from a wide range of fields such as theatre,cinema,dance and modern art.
His vocal covers an impressive three octaves in range. Also,as the chairman of
NPO Yokohama Art Project, which dedicates sensory education to children,
his works always look at‘Human as a life' and produces reforestation project in Kenya,
annual Sudent Film Festival, coproduction film by Japan,China and Korea etc.
Musician, Producer, Guest Professor of Beijing Film Academy
Representative of Japan branch of iDAP (International Digital Art Projects)
Director of Yokohama Art Project(NPO)